Online from Kiev, February 20th

During the night, the protesters restored their positions.  Although Yanukovich has negotiated ceasefire with the three representatives of the opposition, conflicts involving human casualties have begun in the center of Kiev.  I am right now at the center of the events and I will report online.

Morning in Kiev:
The morning in Kiev is unsettling.  Despite a declared twenty-four hour ceasefire, I’m constantly hearing shots.

People are carrying a shot man from the bridge:

On the other side, the defense of Maidan is ushering columns of captured soldiers and BERKUT fighters.  There are many captives.

14:22 (12:22)  A protester holds up a shot phone as proof that firearms are being used.

14:23(12:23)  Support in the Olympic village.
14:25 (12:25)  Medvedev asked Yanukovich to grow a spine.
14:28 (12:28)  Gas stations in Brovarsky district have already closed.
14:33 (12:33)  Aftermath of a sniper.
14:35 (12:35)  The flight of Tsarev (vice head of the Region Party, advisor to the Premier Minister of Ukraine, member of the Political Council of the Region Party) is on its way to Moscow, you can follow it here.
14:36 (12:36) Maidan right now.
14:43 (12:43) The Barricade at the Institutskaya Street has been restored.
14:44 (12:44) Fire at the Institutskaya Street

14:45 (12:45)
14:49 (12:49) Almost everything has been restored at the Institutskaya Street
14:50 (12:50) Protesters are tearing up a street sign.
14:51 (12:51) WARNING: casualties.
14:53 (12:53) Berkut
14:54 (12:54) The rumor around Maidan is that in the city of Uzhgorod, the Berkut forces have joined up with the people.
14:55 (12:55) There are about ten casualties as of now in the lobby of hotel Ukraine.
14:57 (12:57) Klichko: “Verkhovnaya Rada will meet urgently at 3PM to decide on the resolution of this crisis.  President Yanukovich must agree to an early election.
14:59 (12:59) The lobby of hotel Ukraine is now a clinic.  Surgeries are underway.  Many corpses.
15:08 (13:08) Subway operations are promised to be restored today
15:11 (13:11) Chairman of the City Administration has announced that he is leaving the Region Party.
15:13 (13:13)  Vice Premier of Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin canceled his Kiev Visit.
15:15 (13:15)  Evacuation declared at the University of Taras Shevchenko
15:16 (13:16)  Medics: 13 protestors killed by single sniper shots.
15:18 (13:18) Some are calling to avoid the barricades due to the snipers.
15:20 (13:20)  At 3:00PM, Moscow Time, there are a total of 505 victims, 292 are hospitalized.
15:26 (13:26) Plan of the battle in Kiev.
15:29 (13:29)  RBK: Dozens of national guard soldiers have surrendered to the “Defense of Maidan” on the Grushevskaya Street.
15:30 (13:30) Main bridges across Dnepr River are blocked.  There are traffic jams in the outskirts of Kiev as a result of the huge lines at the gas stations.
15:34 (13:34) USA has enacted visa sanctions against the government officials of Ukraine.
15:35 (13:35) All bridges to the left bank are being closed.
15:36 (13:36) At the Podol neighborhood, seven hundred Titushki head to the center of the city.
15:38 (13:38)  Investbank of EU is leaving Ukraine.
15:44 (13:44)  A field hospital is set up on Kreshatik Street.
15:48 (13:48) The activists are trying to block Boris Polsky highway, to stop the security forces.
15:55 (13:55) A field hospital is organized in the hotel Ukraine.  So far fifteen people have died.  Six more will likely day in the next few hours.  Most are admitted with bullet wounds.
15:56 (13:56) Ammunition preparation
16:11 (16:11) Sale of tickets out of Kiev to the west is stopped.
16:14 (16:14) Mayor of Kiev’s address to Yanukovich.
16:15 (16:15) Six more members of the Region Party declared their exit – Ivan Bushko, Mikhail Lano, Vasily Kovach, Sergei Moshak and Ishtvan Gaidosh.
16:16 (16:16) Ministry of Regional Development is evacuating members of the ministry out of their building at the Bolshaya Zhitomirovskaya street.
16:22 (16:22) There is an incredible amount of people in supermarkets.  Everyone is stocking up in case of state of emergency.
16:23 (16:23) Shooting of the protestors, today in Kiev.

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